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I will make this as short and simple as possible.


Marketing + Creating that Reputation

If I am starting a business that is about loungewear, this could mean many different things. It can also be cause for concern for skepticism so it is important to set your messaging as clear as possible.

1. What is the quality

2. Where are located?

3. What is your demographic you prefer to reach?

4. What platforms are you currently using?

5. What do you want to make people feel?

These are the top 5 questions you need to ask yourself before you are ready to even discuss brand messaging and marketing.

We can start with question 5. why? Because how others will feel sets the tone for everything else.

Are your customers suppose to feel comfortable, sexy, travel-ready?

Next, we can talk about question 1. Is this a high-end product or a trend product? What is a trend product, for example, sweats that say "Pumpkins and Lattes Are My Kind Of Dayz" would typically fall under a trend category. Machine Washable Silk sleepwear is considered a HIgh-End product.

Now we can look at the location. Question 2. I am not going to market snow-ready fleece in Southern California. So where is my target market? Well if I have decided my product is Loungewear, I want my clients to feel luxurious, and my product is considered high-end my target market is most likely NYC, Dallas, or even foreign markets.

Now let's talk about demographics. Question 3. When choosing a demographic assume you are choosing ONE person to target. Just ONE. In this story her name is Cecilia. She lives in New York she travels to see her family abroad often. She spends a great deal of time on a plane and yet loves high fashion. If there was loungewear that was considered high-end, instagrammable, was available online or in her city of NYC, and she could also buy her friends and family for holidays how do we target that.

Question 4. Now We Are Marketing! We create an ad. This woman is busy, she travels a lot, she has the money but not the time to shop. She needs to have her luxury sit comfortably on a plane and not wrinkle. She also wants to get it for her friends and family it will make an easy gift.

The AD. Mimosa in hand, Plane window view. Seated in first class.

Tagline "My mother would never know where I have been."

The Wrinkle-Free Ready-To-Go Lounge Wear

Subscribe and get right at your door $179 a month for 2 pairs. Keep One, Gift One.

Follow Up Ad Social Media Ad:

We know you forgot your sister's birthday is Sunday. Good thing you can keep one and gift one.

Ad Tagline Copywrite of CLVPlanners

Content Creator,

Izzy Gentry

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