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Have you ever just spent endless time driving around, overthinking the amazing idea you have?

You are not alone.

There are endless amounts of creatives who just can not go from the thought process to the do process. There are several reasons why we as humans get stuck there. Let's look at those ideas first:

1. Imposter Syndrome: ultimately the fear of being exposed as a fraud. Many believe they are not worthy to compete in a field, not knowledgeable enough to produce at that level, or simply sounding dumb.

2. Funding: you have consumed yourself with how much creating all you have envisioned might cost.

3. Commitment: the thought of how many hours you will have to be committed to the birth of a brand. Most entrepreneurs still keep a job to make money to fund their dreams as well.

4. Non-Influential: most fear their following to be false or may not have a social media following at all. It is one thing for people to like you but to buy into your ideas is another thing altogether.

I can admit, over the years, I have experienced all these as well.

To tackle the first, you must accept that the concept and ideas you dream of didn't get there by accident. If you were chosen to create such a thing you must pursue it. Failure is never as painful as regret.

To tackle the second, acknowledge the world was not created in one day nor does your company have to. Start with small but significant steps. The most important accomplish one of two things, networking or protection. Something that says what your brand is. The others are things like a trademark, registering your business name, or tax id. Then you can start small in quantity by ordering packaging, samples, or systems that will help your workflow. Remember that reputation is more important than quantity so don't spend all your time and money buying ads to boost sales quite yet. It is most important to build steady and slow, building relationships along the way.

To tackle the third, everything takes some level of commitment. Even deciding to stay in bed on a Saturday is an actual commitment. Think of it this way, if the idea seems like a boyfriend who just came along with all the boxes checked but no excitement, stay clear. Concepts like that never last because people sense passion and emotions. If you are not in love with what your selling people will know. Now, if your idea is like the girl who is way out of your league but you'd do anything for then you're on track. Wait for a train with steam, it will get you farther. When you feel like your burning out your business will coast while you regain focus. If you have no steam or passion when it gets hard there is no emotional attachment so you'll just jump off at the nearest exit never looking back or thinking twice. You know how these movies end.

To tackle the fourth, admit to yourself your right. You are right to think people may not jump on an idea. You are right to think not everyone is going to buy whatever it is your selling. However, you are wrong to think there isn't an audience out there looking for your great idea. Give yourself grace and time. All great things are built with attention to detail and time. Measure twice, cut once. It is better to gain traction slow than to power through and consistently apologize for making mistakes.

Grace is a powerful thing, excuses are deadly. Resent nothing.

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