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Over the past year, we went from frustrated to fearful. We went from 'we need more clients' to 'we don't have enough staff for our clients to come back to.' How are we supposed to manage the new world, the market fluctuations, inflation, and now the fatigue of trying to do it all without our staff back? I have heard so many stories of friends who have said their business of 25 years now feels like day 1 all over again. Their employees are paid more on unemployment than to come back to work. They are terrified of the 15 dollar minimum wage increase and now there is a massive shift in marketing with the FB and Apple shifts.

The DIY days are over. So many times I heard clients turn me down when I wanted them to increase their online presence over our live events. I heard every excuse to not do so. Maybe next year. Maybe when we make more money. Then 2020 happened and they were in complete panic. While others had online shops and SEO-driven sites they were floundering. They have been working to try and keep up while others moved ahead. While some found comfort and opportunity in TikTok others were patiently waiting for restrictions to be lifted so they could open shop.

As we go into 2021's 2nd part of the year, you see a new shift. Apple will no longer share data with Facebook. By doing this it will heavily impact your ability to use micro-targeting using Facebook Ads. So now your out on your own again.

You have momentum, bursts of energy, and optimism.... until you don't. Just when you think you're going to catch a break another world order sends your plans into a spiral. So what do you do?

How do you plan for the unimaginable changes?

You can't.

Wow Izzy that is groundbreaking.....

Just wait a minute don't go.

When you start realizing and accepting that nothing in life is predictable and there are no true expectations that can be met you will start enjoying your work again. As I start to hit the burnout breaks, I brace myself for the screeching sounds that come before a crash.

Mood swings

Short fuse

Depression through exhaustion

Sleep Changes

Diet Changes

Sugar and/or Caffeine Cravings

Once I can identify the burnout coming I have to do a couple things.

1. Send out a warning!!! We are so afraid of being honest in fear of looking weak. Now I say this with caution. Do not walk into work every day complaining. You can however tell a spouse or an assistant from 8am-9am please hold my appointments so I can ease into my day. If I burn out too early I will want to lose it on my employees by 3pm.

2. Increase things that promote endorphins. Workout. Laugh at a podcasts. Listen to music. Eat warm foods. Etc.

3. Create sleep routines. Such as essential oils, white noise, shower before bed, Epson salt baths, or warm tea.

4. Take breaks from people who drain you. Yes, you can get burnout from friends or family who constantly need attention and who constantly complain. It is mentally, emotionally, and physically draining. It is ok to take a step back until you get your energy back.

5. Delegate. What if you have no one to delegate to? No problem. Delegate to yourself. What I mean is set your todolist with priorities. Immediate, Medium Need, and Later Objectives. Not everything has to be done today and not everything was due 2 hrs ago.

6. Enjoy hobbies. Americans consider rest to be laziness. You must add hobbies to your schedule. At least one thing to distress the mind from needs. Read a book, dance to music, garden, paint, etc. And SCHEDULE this. It MUST be done once a week minimum.

7. Don't underestimate counseling or therapy in your yearly budget. It is vital to your business's longevity. If you can not manage your mental and emotional setting you will be all over the place in your leadership as well.

-Izzy Gentry

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