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How to come up with your logo?

Most everyone starts to think in 1 of 2 ways.

1. I do not care, I just need a logo


2. They think of way too many details such as cute fonts or cool effects.

Here are the steps you need to take in order to identify how to get the right logo for you OR how to rebrand from an old image.

1. Identify 1 Person you want to talk to. This person is your demographic. You can not say my company has something for everyone. Well of course it does most businesses do. But that's like walking into a store and asking "what kind of store is this" and they bring you a platter of 72 pie options. It is just complete overkill. No one has time for that. You would just say we sell Organic Pies. This tells them WHO the audience is (those who shop organic) WHAT the product is (PIES.)

They want to simply know who you are, what you sell, and why they need it.

So pick a WHO

2. Pick the what.

The what is simple. What is it? A brewery, a nail shop, or a marketing firm. Then you can think of elements that define that deeper.

What problem have you solved? Example: Spanx solved the panty line in business pants. It is an undergarment. It solved the problem of the panty line.

Service-based example: I am a content creator. I am a communications expert content creator. I know what I do. I know I solve the issues that businesses have not allotted time or employees to manage. I am for the business professional who does not want to spend the whole day looking at color samples and ad strategies. The just get it done girl.

3. Now that you know WHO you are talking to and WHAT to talk to them about you need to tell them WHY they need it. This can be an analogy, strategy, or elevator speech. Any of the above must end with a call to action.

-I am a communications expert content creator that works specifically with clients in a quandary.-

This tells my potential client that I handle crisis well and will work well under pressure to find solutions without constantly bothering my client with unnecessary questions.

The why you need this service is your story or what I call a parable. Something short and easy to say more importantly easy to repeat. Once you have the story your logo will reveal itself from the context.

WHO: I am a communications expert content creator

WHAT: that works specifically with clients in a quandary

WHY: You created your company from nothing, we want to keep your roots raw and pure so that you can continue to produce a healthy business.

The LOGO: A Lemon.

The lemon has organic roots, it produces juice is plenty, adds flavor to life, quenches thirst, is always useful. This tells my client we see all the potential in what your company is and where it has come from and we want to translate that so that others see that as well.

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