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As you have built your business, you most likely have gained loyal customers. The ones who shop consistently or return for their yearly reviews.

You most likely have passed the point of worrying if the bills are going to get paid this month however, you find that you still do a great deal of introducing yourself.

If you have had a business for a decade and people still have to ask what you do you may not be spending where you should.

Exposure can be broken down into sections. These sections apply to all businesses.

1. Name Recognition: Your logo, name, and tagline should sum up your business and be easy to recognize

2. Engagement: Are people following you but not engaging with you as a company?

3. Education: What you do, why you do it, and why I need it

4. Entertainment: Excitement and physical engagement

5. Content: Resources

6. Events

Let's look over number one.

That logo should be everywhere on everything and should represent who your company is as a whole. For example, even if you are making a TikTok video put your logo at the end. It takes several notices to engrave in the mind then you are recognizable. This helps to identify you, just like when you say "hi my name is ______ ________" if they remember that last name from school they may know your family or remember a funny story. That is a positive recall of the brain, we try to trigger that.

We trigger this by studying engagement. How, who, where, when you engage which tells us a lot about our customers. You will see several key points come together to make a puzzle that exposes a picture of who your consumers are. This comes from consistent posting so we can measure different times and reactions from your follows.

Then, we use that information to educate consumers. They should be educated using simple phrases that are easy to associate with the brand. If I can tell that most of my consumers are women, who are engaging in fitness posts, and I am a gun accessory advertisement company, then it would be easy to say lots of outdoor shots in gun holder yoga pants are the way to go. Your audience feels heard that you saw that they loved that product and increased the exposure, which further builds that relationship.

Next, we entertain. So if you set up at an expo with a plastic table, with a tablecloth, with your logo, and some printed resources, and think that is going to be memorable, you need work. Don't underestimate the drama. People love something unique. Do not confuse entertainment with giveaways. That is not entertainment. That attracts a bunch of people who want free stuff not committed customers. Commitment means I give a little and you give a little. So a Castle photobooth. Decked out with their very own Knight and the customer has to go to the Facebook page to get the photo, like, and share. That is a commitment on both ends. That will take them to step 2, engagement and build that relationship.

Notice that Resources is way down here. Everyone I know jumps from logo to pamphlet and nothing in between. Your brochure is great but if I am getting 100 of those a day at an expo it may or may not make it in the trash. You need to consider that Blue cards are a shareable system to link them to your online brochure, contact information, and more. You can also make comp cards with a tear-away business card. A two-in-one helpful and eye-attracting resource. Think outside the box. Be a memory they need when they need it. What do I mean by that? Well, no one needs a plumber's phone number until they need a plumber's phone number. Be the company that first comes to mind when they think of who they can call.

Once you have a well-oiled machine like above, you can now start focusing on events. You will know how to communicate quickly, get people engaged long enough to want to know more, entertain them with memorable moments, give them a resource that sticks out in their minds and be the one they call when they need you.

For more on helping to get everything you need in place to gain more exposure email

-Izzy Gentry

CLV Planners

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