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The one-word branding challenge.

You may or may not have heard about how this works but it is a game-changer. You will need to be prepared to accept that your whole entire business can be swept up in one word. In order to do this, you have to be honest. You have to be ready. Are you ready? Ok, let's go.

Here is a case study, when you think of the word "search" you most likely thought of the business Google. Yes, Google has many things it has accomplished but it is branded as being the top search engine.

You might be the person who is constantly being asked "So what is it that you do?"

If you are still answering with a chapter-long elevator speech or a vague answer like 'we do all things of things' then you have missed the boat. You may or may not get another chance to tell that person how you can be a resource for them. You must be able to deliver an answer to that obnoxious question with a punch.

So you may be asking, how?

In a previous post, I walked you through identifying your niche if you missed it click here later. This is a little different. If you have been reading my blogs you should have a pretty good idea of how to market to your niche now let's brand your company.

Yes, the one-word challenge is exactly how you Brand a company, once you have branded the company you can market to your niche demographic audience, make sense?

So here is the work part, the dream of your ideal client. No, not your fantasy client, like one day I hope Mariah Carey eats at my restaurant. I mean who would be a person you can see shopping in your store? Let's say you have a kids store, that answer might be expecting mothers. Great. Now, What might she buy? Well, you are known for your organic swaddlers. Ok great! Now, lets ask ourselves what might she tell others about if she were to buy your organic swaddlers? She might say "I found this local store where the owner sews her own organic swaddlers and they are incredibly soft. My infant has slept so much better since we have started using them."

There are so many branding opportunities here it makes my heart race.

First, you could be the one-stop organic baby store.

Second, you could identify and use locally made.

Third, which would be my highest recommendation is that if other mothers hear that there is a product out there that helps their baby sleep better, you won't be able to sew them fast enough.

The branding win here is SLEEP. If there is a mom out there dreaming of getting their baby to sleep so they can rest for 5 minutes, that is the winner. If you continue to market to moms looking for better sleep for their babies you're going to do great. Yes, you carry many things in your baby store but be known as the better sleep for babies store. Sell cradles, nighttime books, night lights, soothing machines, bottle warmers, boppies, and all things related to sleep. Why just emphasize sleep? Because you are branding over and over that need to keep referring moms to the better sleep for babies store. You will see an increase in traffic because people know EXACTLY what you do and what kind of store you have.

Your days of 15-minute explanations or things like "we sell all kinds of cute things for babies" are over. They leave wondering so does that mean toys, does that mean baby food, diapers, furniture, pacifiers? How much more clear would it be to say "I own a better sleep for babies store."

Good job now anytime someone thinks of a sleeping baby they will wonder if they use your swaddlers. It cuts the chaos and gets straight to business.

Are you still struggling to try to figure out what your one word is? I would love to help you. Set an appointment at or email


Izzy Gentry

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